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Just before you rush to apply for the full-time Operations Manager position, take a look at the list below and ask yourself honestly if any of these describes your situation right now:

Do you wish you had a job that had more meaning? Where you could have a positive and transformational impact on people every single day? 

Are you organized and efficient? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment?  

Are you able to effectively communicate to people over the phone?  

Are you able to confidently overcome objections and have positive conversations involving money?  

Are you someone who excels in the face of adversity and can remain confident at all times?

If you found yourself saying YES to one or more of those questions, we might JUST be the position you're looking for...

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About Sports Performance - Our Story

  • Sports Performance was founded in 2014, with a mission to keep people healthy, active and fit all year-round without having to take time off of exercising due to injuries. We specialize in helping people in San Diego relieve pain, prevent injury and improve performance so they can live healthy and active lives. 
  • Sports Performance is a thriving and rapidly growing health and wellness facility located in Chula Vista, California, offering physical therapy, massage therapy, performance training and recovery services. We are not your typical physical therapy or health care office. We are a fun and happy team who works together to provide a world-class experience to every client that walks through our door. Our focus is on building a place that feels like a real community - that both clients and team members are excited to be a part of. We want our clients to keep coming back, and we want them to tell their friends and family about us. We consider our clients "family" and do everything we can to make them feel that way whenever they visit or interact with us.
  • Sports Performance is about living your best life, for our clients and ourselves. It is very important to us to provide our team with a lifestyle they are happy to have. One in which they don’t feel overworked, drowning in paperwork, or rushed for time with clients so they can simply focus on making them feel welcome and valued.
  • Life is short…don’t sacrifice your happiness by settling for a job that does not inspire you or encourage and support your growth.
  • We are also completely cash-based and do not contract with any insurance companies. This means a lot of things for you when it comes to how you get to work with our clients.

Who should apply for this job:

  • Someone who is truly passionate about fitness and health and wants to make a real transformation in people's lives. 
  • Someone who is looking to work in an environment that is NOT a traditional clinic - and that is fun and feels like a family.
  • Someone who wants to lead and mentor others - we spend dedicated time every week just to review marketing, improve communication skills and discuss client cases. You'll learn everything you need to become world-class at leading a team and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Someone who likes the idea of being able to grow and advance within a company. You're getting in on the ground floor of an innovative and rapidly growing company - where your ideas and contributions are welcome and valued.
  • Someone who wants a small clinic feel but operates with big business ideas! This job comes with plenty of opportunity for growth - just without the burn-out.
  • Someone who is flexible and open to change as our practice continues to grow and evolve. 
  • We use a blend of physical therapy, massage therapy and performance training to deliver the highest level of results to our clients. This combination of care allows our clients to feel they have fully healed and are ready to conquer their most demanding activities. This business model offers unique opportunities to work in different roles as an Operations Manager.

These are just a few reasons why this opportunity can be life-changing for the right person.


What we're looking for:

  • A full-time Operations Manager with 2 years management and sales or equivalent experience to join our growing, hard-working, and family-like team.
  • You enjoy being around people, and can hold meaningful conversations with people you may not know for longer than 20 minutes.
  • You're thoughtful and thorough - you can answer people's questions in a way that increases the likelihood of them becoming a client.
  • You are alert and aware - you're good at recalling names, faces, and personal details - so that our clients always feel welcomed and remembered.
  • You know what it means to provide a warm, welcoming, and world-class experience for our team and clients.
  • You have excellent organization and planning skills - you know how to manage schedules and re-prioritize your time so that you can focus on key priorities - without the need for micro-management.
  • You follow through on commitments in a timely manner. You live up to verbal and written agreements without constant reminders.
  • You have the ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
  • You're able to calmly and constructively navigate through situations involving conflict and you do not falter in the face of rejection.
  • You're pro-active and resourceful. You bring new ideas to the company, do things without being told, and can quickly shift and course-correct when things don't go according to plan - in a positive manner and without focusing on the negative.
  • You're coachable, love to learn, and have a fail-forward attitude. You take constructive criticism well and enjoy getting regular feedback that will optimize your skills and performance.
  • Someone who has strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Someone who is able to effectively and confidently communicate with people on the phone.
  • Someone who has a positive attitude that makes our team and clients look for any excuse to be around them.
  • Someone who is able to connect and engage with people on a personal level.
  • Someone who has high "emotional intelligence" to interpret non-verbal communication
  • Someone who loves to learn and is committed to being part of a team that puts clients first.
  • Someone who places heavy value on their own health and fitness.
  • Someone who can work a flexible work schedule - but primarily morning, afternoon or evening shifts until 7:30pm, as well as occassional Saturdays from 7am - 12pm.

Operations Manager Primary Responsibilities:

  • Hiring: consistently recruit prospective new hires for all positions within the business.
  • Staff Performance Measurement and Analysis: monitor and manage staff performance to ensure the business is successful.
  • Financial Analysis: measure and manage financial metrics and implement strategies to achieve established standards.
  • Systems and Processes: manage processes and systems so the practice is running efficiently and effectively and growing.
  • Client Relationships and Experience: successful implementation of our nurture system through relationship building, follow up, and attentiveness, ultimately helping prospective and existing clients understand how much we care about their success so they see us as the best option to help them.

To be successful in this position, the right candidate must:

  • Be a team player.
  • Be passionate while interacting with clients who are youth athletes, active adults, and professional athletes, as well as team members.
  • Support and contribute to Sports Performance’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Build lasting relationships and trust with our clients through open communication and empathy.
  • Be committed to providing clients with the highest quality service.
  • Provide an exceptional client experience during phone consultations, their initial visit, follow-up sessions and follow-up phone calls.
  • Be willing to learn and expand your knowledge of working in a private practice. 
  • Deliver and lead team meetings, in-services, and community events.
  • Be upbeat, friendly and not too shy to be on camera - video is a big part of how we communicate with our clients, marketing, and social media presence.
  • Be coachable, open and dedicated to personal and professional growth, as mentoring and training are a big part of our program.

What you can expect from working here (the benefits):

  • Outstanding work culture and supportive environment.
  • No insurance companies to deal with!
  • Competitive pay, benefits and plenty of room to grow and advance.
  • Full-time opportunities available where you get to be an integral part of changing people's lives and helping clients get back to doing things they love to do...every single day.
  • The opportunity to work in a truly unique, growing and innovative practice-model.
  • Mentorship to enhance your leadership skills and ongoing training to ensure your success.
  • A working environment where being yourself is encouraged, where people are the priority, and where you will always be challenged, supported and enouraged to learn and grow.
  • The chance to be a part of an incredible team of people who work hard but have fun too. 
  • Fitness casual dress code
  • Employee discount on apparel and services

PS ... 1/3 of your life will be spent at work. Don't you think it's worth it to yourself to choose a work environment that is meaningful, where you get to change lives, and where you get to learn and grow both personally and professionally while doing it?

Think you might be a good fit for our cash-based physical therapy practice and want to change lives with our highly skilled, high energy team?

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